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What is a Human Landscape?

“The human component of a work environment such as perceptions, aspirations, beliefs, values and relationships (as contrasted to the inert component such as structures, policies, technology, strategy, capital, and tools).”



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Developing People and Organisational Leadership

At Human Landscape we create and deliver people development workshops and programmes in the UK and internationally. We are a collaborative network of associates and learning & development businesses offering innovative solutions and joint expertise to clients.


We work with organisations of all sizes and across a range of sectors including Financial and Professional Services, Consumer, Engineering, Logistics, Education and Health. In recent times we have supported clients delivering programmes in the UK, Europe, Russia and Dubai.


Whether working with groups or individuals, our focus is to develop and transform how they manage and lead organisations and teams. All our programmes are underpinned by principles of emotional intelligence and personal development and are designed and delivered by experienced practitioners who share a passion and conviction for the work we do. Our approach is dynamic, thought-provoking and responsive to the challenges and possibilities that exist in organisations, with a focus on improving self-awareness and creating authentic behaviours through a process of challenging and engaging applied learning.


The groups we facilitate are dynamic, fun, explorative, confronting and pragmatic – a view echoed by those who take part in our programmes. Typical feedback is that the experience is memorable, transformative, relevant and lasting.


Our work varies from one-off interventions critically appraising modus operandi for teams or small businesses, to international 12-day modular Leadership and Coaching programmes and Team Development work for corporate clients. We coach individuals and teams both as part of leadership development programmes and in stand-alone assignments.

Summary of services we offer: