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What is a Human Landscape?

“The human component of a work environment such as perceptions, aspirations, beliefs, values and relationships (as contrasted to the inert component such as structures, policies, technology, strategy, capital, and tools).”



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Learning and Development

Our Approach

The world of learning and development is ever changing and is shifting more and more towards a flexible and interactive relationship between facilitator and client. This requires a dynamic, ‘in the moment’ approach which in turn demands breadth and depth from the facilitator.


Increased awareness, attitude and behaviour change results from bold enquiry, content that is targeted and intellectually rigorous and a combination of achievement, enjoyment and transformation during the learning experience.


To achieve long lasting behaviour change relies on a sincere conviction about the value of personal responsibility and the development of awareness, attitudinal strength and the behavioural skills to make a shift. Whether in a group or individual setting, it is the role of the facilitator to surface the deeper questions and tap in to the very individual relationship that each person has to learning new habits and approaching their role.


Having worked with teams in the business, sporting and voluntary spheres, our observation is that equipping individuals with increased awareness, clarity of intention and mindset, and a will to act skillfully, radically impacts motivation.


If you stop and reflect on how it has felt to be part of a cohesive, supportive and purposeful group then you are likely to be able to attribute its uniquely rewarding atmosphere to the attitude and behaviour of key team players – it is likely that they love their work and take true responsibility for their choices and behaviours.


Our approach is to bring passion, enjoyment and lively enquiry to the work of developing people and our contribution is to achieve real outcomes.